Mobile SOUL is more than a ministry school. It is more than a ministerial internship. Mobile SOUL is the fulfillment of the compassion that Christ had when he looked out and saw the hurt, broken, lost, and sick. Christ didn't pity the crowd; he wept over them. He not only wept over them; he met their physical and spiritual needs. Every day, Christians walk in their mission field. In cities, towns and rural villages alike, a harvest of souls is longing to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As a believer, one is commanded to go out and preach the Gospel to this harvest. So often, however, the Christian is at a loss of how to go about this great command because of fear, lack of training or procrastination. Mobile SOUL is all about eliminating any excuse for people not hearing the Gospel. Every Christian is CALLED into the ministry, but not everyone fulfills that calling. Mobile SOUL will challenge you to fulfill Christ's command to reach the harvest. Would you consider taking on this command? If so, Mobile SOUL has a place for you!


  • 251-649-3502
  • 6159 Moffett Road, Mobile, Alabama 36618